Vitaliti features strongly in Top Santé and Sloane Magazine!

7 September 2020

It’s been great to see Vitaliti getting picked up by the media over the lockdown and summer months.

Sloane Magazine looked at 26 supplements for summer health and Vitaliti got a prominent feature.

Interestingly the supplement in position one has less Vitamin D and B vitamins than Vitaliti and is priced at £69.

There is no ingredient in a supplement that warrants such a high price, especially in a tablet, a case of it’s expensive so it must be good, right … ?!

But we’ll take second 🙂

Top Santé also featured Vitaliti when looking at the merits of vitamin C injections.

Generally vitamin and mineral injections are given to people with underlying health conditions. Always consult with your doctor if you are considering this.

The leading health magazine picked up on Vitamin C.

“One dose of Vitaliti includes 500mg of vitamin C!”

To give you an idea, the leading brand of effervescent (fizzy tablet) vitamin tablet has just 60mg of vitamin C and 10 ingredients for £15 for 30 days.

Vitaliti has 28 Vitamins and Minerals, plus supergreens and an amino blend for under £25 and under £20 in multi-buys. We believe there is no comparison.

A supplement does not replace a healthy diet but if your food isn’t giving you a full spectrum of nutrients consistently, then Vitaliti is here to fill in the gaps.

Try Vitaliti.

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Live life with Vitaliti.