Triple Pack Selection – Now available under £20 each

21 March 2021

Most of our customers have a priority health goal. So they tend to start with one product.

Usually this is Cartonica or Cutizana.

But as they see the benefits, they learn about the other brands.

We have volume price discounts for our customers. But some people who want all three products don’t necessarily want to buy three of each (nine total) to get the discounts.


So we created a triple pack bundle of Cartonica, Cutizana and Vitaliti. You can now buy all three products and get each for under £20. See here

In my case I take Vitaliti as soon as I go in the kitchen in the morning, with a glass of water to hydrate.

Then before breakfast I take Cartonica and Cutizana.

Cartonica has type II collagen for joints whilst Cutizana has type 1 & 3 collagen for skin, hair and nails. Both have other nutrients and all can be taken together because they complement each other.

Vitaliti and Cartonica have Vitamin D which we know is important for immune health. Whilst our products have more nutrients than the standard recommended daily amount (rda), we are not anywhere near any potentially toxic levels, so it is perfectly safe to combine.

If you are taking one supplement and haven’t tried either of the other two, this triple pack is a great way to discover the range.

FREE PENS We got some nice new company pens recently.

We’re including a pen with all orders until the pens run out. Though I dare say we’ll buy more!

As always, eat healthy stay active 🙂

Hope you have a great Sunday.

Click the link to see more or to get your triple pack: