Liquid supplements beat tablets, why is that?

4 July 2021

It can be baffling to choose supplements.  So much choice and every company promising the purest, finest, best supplements!

At Clinic Nutrition we try to avoid hype.  We focus on liquid supplements because they contain more nutrients, are easy to take and the nutrients are more readily absorbed than with any tablet supplement.


Imagine eating four sugar lumps.  Now imagine putting the four sugar lumps in a little hot water.  The sugar dissolves and they are much easier to take right? 

When it comes to supplement nutrients, tablets require fillers and bulking agents which help to form the tablet when it is compressed at high pressure.  Most tablets contain mainly the bulking agents and fillers.

With a liquid, the nutrients are dissolved in the liquid.  Thus we can deliver more nutrients per serving via a liquid than ANY tablet.


The fastest way for nutrients to enter the blood stream is through a liquid.  Liquids are better than tablets.  The tablets must be broken down and remember they are packed with bulking agents and fillers. 


Liquid supplements are easy to take.  They’re a liquid, a drink and that is it.  Does anybody like trying to swallow tablets?  Isn’t there always a slight fear of getting a tablet stuck in the throat?! 

And if you are trying to get anything like the breadth of quantity of nutrients from tablets that you get for a liquid supplement, then you have to choke back a lot of tablets!

The liquid supplements are also naturally flavoured with a taste of berries or orange. 

So rather than supplementing your health being a chore, taking a liquid supplement is actually pleasurable.

At Clinic Nutrition we specialise in liquid supplements.  Our three core brands are Vitaliti liquid multi-vitamin, Cartonica liquid joint supplement and Cutizana liquid collagen supplement.

We believe passionately in taking the noise out of supplements and making the choice simple and cost-effective for our customers.

Our motto is Eat Healthy Stay Active … and a little of what you fancy from time to time is not bad thing!

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