Spring into life this spring, or doing what we can with what we’ve got at least.

12 May 2022

I have a gym membership in my home town of Bishops Stortford. I train because aspects of my work require me to be active and I know from working in healthcare, that the fastest way to decline physically is to not do anything.

As I went about my exercises I reflected that on this day I was the eldest there. And I’m only 51!

I realised I was comparing myself to the 25 year olds and in my head, I considered myself to be the same as them. For a moment I wondered if I would have a mid life crisis because very naturally, the younger guys were stronger and fitter.

Don’t compare yourself to others

But as I went about my business I relaxed. Of course I am different. I have an old knee injury which can play up and a few knocks from my youth, but overall I realised the main thing was that I was there and having a go.

Listening to various expert trainers, athletes often have injuries to contend with. But rather than stop altogether they train around their problems.

Most of us aren’t athletes and don’t need to behave as such.

The ethos of Clinic Nutrition is to do what we can with what we’ve got. To be the best versions of ourselves or at least to attempt it. To eat well, to keep active without depriving ourselves of some of the things we really like!

Small changes make a difference.

Despite the challenges of life, we see friends with health issues doing what they can with what they’ve got. At a recent family function my uncle who is in his 90s was walking and even ran when we risked missing the train for a rugby match.

His secret, many things perhaps but daily resistance training with a rowing machine contributes to a virtuous circle of good health and a positive mental attitude.

It can be very difficult to find motivation and the health lottery of life can cast the numbers cruelly.

But whatever we face in life, we can choose our thoughts and make small changes to make our lives better, from nutrition, to sleep to remaining active.

We look forwards not back and though there may be rain clouds, the sun will shine through, especially if we try.

Author: Stephen Small

Team Clinic Nutrition