Can you row for one hour? Sign up to the Cartonica Pete Beatty Atlantic Rowathon

21 January 2024

Our man Pete is in the Atlantic Ocean rowing to South America.

We haven’t gone in for celebrity endorsements, but we are sponsoring 60 year old roofer Pete Beatty as he aims to become the oldest man to row solo to South America!

Pete is from Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire. He set off from Portugal on Dec 13th and is on his way to French Guyana. He’s an ordinary person doing something extraordinary.

As well as sponsoring Pete with Cartonica, we’re also organising a national rowathon on Feb 10th.

This event is for anyone who is up for a challenge to row for one hour.

Pete’s raising £100k for men’s mental health charity Tough Enough To Care and Prostate Cancer UK.

We want 10,000 people to take up the “oars” to row for one hour. You pay £10 and it goes to Pete’s charity. Details including link to crowdfunder on our website here

Now we think rowing in a gym is pretty awful! Some might do 500m, or maybe 1,000m. So this is a real challenge of body and mind to row for one hour.

If you go to a gym, then please share this page. The more people involved the better. It’s a bit of fun, for a great man, a good challenge and it’s a fantastic cause.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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