About Us

At Clinic Nutrition, we do things a little differently.

With many supplements, people have to take quite a cocktail of tablets in order to get nutrients. Or, under closer examination, many people take a tablet, without really seeing that the nutritional content of the tablet is minimal to the point of having very little merit.

Lessons from sports science and sports nutrition.

Many “sports drinks” contain large quantities of dissolved ingredients. This makes them an efficient way to deliver nutrients (or chemicals!) into the blood stream.

A far more efficient way to support joint health is to deliver nutrients in a liquid. This allows us to combine a breadth of nutrients in quantities which surpass what is possible with tablets.  From here Cartonica was born.

Too Much Choice, Made Simple

We should be able to get everything we need from our diets, but the reality is that many of us simply don’t.  And from here the question arises, which nutrients do people choose?

Alongside our desire to optimise nutrient delivery with a liquid, we believe the decision making process for the individual shouldn’t be complicated.

When you look at the vitamins or joint supplements, it is very difficult to decide or to know which ones to take.

We wanted to make that simpler.

And so alongside Cartonica is Vitaliti. With ViTALITI we made the multi-vitamin decision easier by providing a full spectrum of nutrients in a single serving, with a delicious taste!

No more gagging at breakfast trying to swallow pills. Thus our range is simple.

Clinic Nutrition supplies clinics primarily, with nutritional products which are superior to what can be found in a tablet bottle on the high street.

We also supply to individuals who want a better yet simpler supplement for their diet.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy our products.