Joint health and general wellbeing are two important areas where practitioners can support their patients’ nutrition.


At Clinic Nutrition we supply clinics with exceptional supplements in liquid form.

Liquid nutrition allows for larger quantities of important nutrients to be dissolved and delivered to the body.

Compare the nutrients in any of our products with standard tablets. As a practitioner, you will quickly appreciate that many tablets fall short of being able to deliver the right quantities of nutrients, without requiring patients to swallow a cocktail of pills.

This is a key advantage of what we offer.


Liquids are the most efficient natural mechanism for getting nutrients into the blood stream. Unlike tablets which contain caking or bulking agents, liquids are an effective medium to deliver nutrients to support the body.

Cartonica is blended to support joint health and Vitaliti is a fantastic multivitamin, with more besides.

If helping others takes it out of your body, like many practitioners, you may well want to use the products yourself.


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Supporting patients and their nutrition

We supply you with educational materials to help your patients who need support and who are seeking a better product than can be found on the high street.

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