Liquid Joint Supplements

For the best in liquid joint supplements, we’re here to help. Most joint supplements, especially tablets, contain either just one ingredient or two or three nutrients combined, but in relatively small doses.  Collagen type II, glucosamine and chondroitin are widely used in joint supplements.  Yet it is confusing to choose, which nutrients do you need, how much of each etc.

Our joint supplements make it easy.  Liquid supplements allow us to dissolve all the key nutrients in a blend, with a wider range and greater quantity of nutrients per serving.  Our liquid joint supplements are used and endorsed by clinicians.

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When choosing a joint supplement, determine if you are looking for something to support your joint health, or if you are seeking something to help joint discomfort.

Joint supplements can help some people get relief from joint pain but the mechanisms are not always understood and it can be difficult to attribute one or two nutrients to any change.

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1What is the best joint supplement?

A liquid joint supplement contains more nutrients per serving than any tablet joint supplement.  The nutrients in joint supplements are well known and brands like Cartonica contain type II collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, Vit D, Vit C MSM and more, all in a single serving.

The best joint supplement is the one which you take consistently, you enjoy taking and which delivers a blend of nutrients.

e.g Baking a cake requires a variety of ingredients which work together.  Likewise our bodies use a variety of nutrients and the nutrients work synergistically, that is they work together and complement each other.  Hence a strong blend of nutrients is more likely to give you what you want from a joint supplement.

2When is the best time to take a joint suppment?

Most people take their joint supplements in the morning before breakfast.  That becomes part of the morning routine, like brushing your teeth.

However you can take a joint supplement whenever you like.  Here at Clinic Nutrition we have supplements in the office fridge.  We take our supplements with a glass of water at lunchtime.