Clinic Trial Pack

Clinic Trial Pack (Trade)


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A Four Bottle Clinic Trial Offer

Get two bottles of Cartonica plus two bottles of Cutizana for just £60

  • Cartonica x 2 – packed with Type II collagen and more for joints
  • Cutizana x 2 – 10,000mg of Type I & III collagen for soft tissues
  • Leaflets & poster display for patient education
  • Retail value £139.80

Not sure which product will sell the most?  This offer lets you discover two leading liquid collagen supplements for clinics.

Offer 1 – 4 Bottles £60  (Retail Value £139.80)

Offer 2 – 8 Bottles £100 (Retail Value £279.60)

Offer 3 – 12 Bottles £120  (Retail Value £419.40)

Just want a simple test? Select Offer 1.  To create a stronger display, you may order 8 or 12 bottles.

Select the Offer you want and add to basket.  (Shelf life 24 months, but clinics sell out quickly because patients love Cartonica).

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Getting Started

We provide you with leaflets for each product, a plain leaflet dispenser and a premium poster with in-built leaflet dispenser.

We give you two posters so you can choose which product you want to feature.

The offer is intended to provide no risk and an easy way to test these two fantastic products.

The bottle price is based on the standard price when ordering 12 bottles (two cases) of either brand.

For details about each product see the Cartonica and Cutizana pages on this site.

Any questions or to to order over the phone, call us on 01279 602030.

For details about each product see the Cartonica and Cutizana pages on this site.

No Risk Money Back Promise – Sell two bottles and you recover your trial investment.  We are confident that your patients will choose products from you and you will want more.  But in the extremely unlikely event that you haven’t sold two bottles within sixty days, we will refund your purchase.

At Clinic Nutrition our aim is to help people get the nutrients they need to help them live life as the best version of themselves.

Our origins come from working with musculoskeletal medical clinics and clinicians in sports science. We are real people and you can talk to us on the phone.

When it comes to nutrition we recognised the challenges of choosing supplements and the limitations of taking tablets.

From sports science we understood the advantages of dissolving nutrients in a liquid as it allows for the delivery of a broader range of nutrients and in greater quantities compared to dry-compressed tablets.

  • Easier way of consuming nutrients
  • Different nutrients work best together in the body (synergistically)
  • Dissolved nutrients are more easily-absorbed from liquid (bio-availability)
  • Single, delicious servings

Our brands are sold primarily in clinics and salons because they provide a simple and cost-effective solution to fill nutritional gaps in our diets.

The products are nutrient-packed, delicious tasting supplements which we hope are a pleasure to take, without ever being over-priced to match a marketing hype.

Clinic Nutrition is headquartered in the town of Sawbridgeworth in Hertfordshire, midway between Cambridge and London.

Our motto is #EatHealthyStayActive, with a little of what you fancy from time to time!

We hope you enjoy our products.