Pete Beatty Rowathon

The Pete Beatty Atlantic Rowathon

Saturday 10th and/or Sunday 11th Feb 2024 At Your Gym or Club

10,000 Rowers – Rowing For One Hour – Supporting One Atlantic Rower

Raising £100,000 for men’s health charity.

Rowathon Organising Sponsor – Cartonica Liquid Joint Supplement


Pete Beatty, a roofer by day and adventurer by night, is aiming to become the oldest man to row across the Atlantic Ocean from Portugal to French Guyana, South America in an epic journey named “Indian Summer.”  

This three-month expedition left on Wednesday 13th December 2023 and Pete aims to complete it in April 2024. It is not just an unbelievable personal feat but a charitable endeavour which aims to raise over £100,000 for men’s mental health charity “Tough Enough To Care” and “Prostate Cancer UK.” 

Pete, from Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire (near Stansted Airport), will be rowing two hours on two hours off for about 100 days straight!  And he’s 60!!  Hence he’s called it Indian Summer because you’re never too old to do things!

Cartonica Liquid Joint Supplement is thrilled to invite members of the public to join oars with Indian Summer in supporting this adventure through the “Pete Beatty Atlantic Rowathon.” 

This amazing event is for you to put your back (arms, legs and determination!) into supporting Pete, a humble guy attempting extraordinary things, and two really important men’s health causes.

Event Details

  • Event Name: “Pete Beatty Atlantic Rowathon”
  • Date: Saturday, 10th Feb 2024 and/ or Sunday 11th Feb
  • Duration: A one hour rowing challenge during opening hours
  • Location: Your gym / sports club (anywhere with a rowing machine!)
  • Format: Individuals or buddies can participate by paying £10 per hour to row.
  • Registration: Register at your gym or club, or just pay £10 to Pete’s Crowdfunding page below and get ready to row! (see more below)
  • Gym’s and clubs: Sign up here for posters, socials and leaflets.

Here is Pete’s crowdfunder page where you pay your £10 registration.

Once paid, please use the graphic and text below and share to your socials to help spread the word.

And website

I’m rowing with Pete!  I’ve signed up to row for one hour, supporting 60 year Pete Beatty, the plucky Brit who is aiming to become the oldest person to row solo across the Atlantic.  I’ll be rowing at my gym and you can too, helping to raise £100,000 for men’s health charities. It’s just £10 to enter and more details are on the organising sponsor page  Pete’s instagram @indiansummer.2022  plus charities @toughenoughtocare @prostatecanceruk and organising sponsor @clinicnutritionuk . It’s one hour, 10,000 rowers, one mission. Let’s row with Pete! Shout out to my gym @

Rowathon Offer – use coupon code “row” at checkout to enjoy £10 off your basket here at Clinic Nutrition and we will donate £5 to Pete’s charity.

Let’s Row!

Most gym goers might row 500m or 1,000m, but how far can you row in one hour, could you even row for one hour?! This is the challenge! 

You can buddy up for the hour and take it in turns or do the hour solo.  See how far you row in one hour!

When Pete is battling waves up to 30 feet high on his own in the dark, that’s when he needs your support the most!

This is a fun endurance event.  Taking part is what it’s about!

It’s great challenge. Use this as an excuse to be consistent in your training, or just turn up on the day and go for it!.

Shed some pounds, stay disciplined and raise some money.

Final word

Participating in the “Pete Beatty Atlantic Rowathon” is an opportunity for you to support a remarkable individual in his quest to raise funds for critical men’s health causes. This event not only promotes physical fitness and mental health through exercise but also fosters a sense of community and compassion. 

And finally Pete hopes to inspire others to challenge themselves, whatever their age!

Join us in making a difference and showcasing the strength of our community.  

Let’s row together with Pete towards a healthier future!

Spread the word: Share this page and your club can get set up, all they need is a rower.

Gyms and Clubs Click Here For The Registration Page.


Pete Beatty Atlantic Rowathon Donations

Pete’s Instagram

Tough Enough To Care 


Prostrate Cancer UK


Rowathon Organising Sponsor

Cartonica Liquid Joint Supplement by Clinic Nutrition. Coupon Code “row” for £10 off any product and we’ll donate £5 to Pete’s charity.