ALL HAT & NO CATTLE! – That’s tablet supplements

13 February 2021

Over promising and quietly under-delivering, the story of the cowboy and the tablet supplement.

In Texas there is a saying to describe a certain type of man.

“All hat and no cattle”

We can all picture the powerful cattle rancher with the big ten gallon cowboy hat, denim jeans, square jaw line, the boots and the big buckle belt. Strong, resilient and wealthy.

And then there are the ones who look the part, but don’t actually own any cattle.

They promise much but have nothing to back it up!

That is the case with practically all tablet supplements, especially those with more than one ingredient like a joint, beauty or multivitamin supplement.

They are ten-a-penny and have big headlines about the ingredients and what those ingredients can do. But look more closely at the ingredients label and you will find that the quantities of nutrients are severely limited.

This is because it is only physically possible to pack a certain amount of nutrients into a tablet that someone can actually swallow without gagging.

As far as we are concerned at Clinic Nutrition, these tablets are in fact real “Cowboys” and they are severely lacking in “cattle”, despite outward appearances and big headlines.

Our liquid supplements allow us to dissolve the nutrients which means we can include a wider range of nutrients in larger quantities than any tablet ever can.

So if you want a liquid joint supplement, liquid collagen supplement or a liquid multivitamin supplement, at Clinic Nutrition we have the hat and the cattle to back up the strong appearance.