… a little story about our supplement journey.

5 September 2020

Clinic Nutrition began many years before we opened in January 2019. The founders have worked in healthcare for many years, predominantly in spine care.

Whatever sector you work in, public or private, you tend to notice things around you in that sector. You talk to people and pick up ideas. Over time, these ideas connect.

We were mainly interested in “intervertebral discs”, the shock absorbers which lie between the bones (vertebrae) in the spine.

Back pain is complex and has many aspects. There are joints in the spine (e.g facets) and people, especially older people, can suffer with arthritis of these joints.

Whilst interested in discs, many conversations touched on arthritis of the facet joints and ways to treat it or at least manage the symptoms.

And once you start looking at arthritis you can’t avoid research papers around other joints affected by arthritis … knees, ankles, wrists etc! Basically any place where two bones meet … a joint!

There are many forms of arthritis but we were focussed on osteoarthritis chiefly.

We started to wonder whether and how supplements help osteoarthritis and whether they might help with spine care.

It’s fair to say there is quite a lot of controversy around supplements and spine care. Some people feel there is some benefit, others that it may help so is worth a try and others that it is no benefit.

Some of the doctors and clinics we worked with had sports scientists. We keep active and so conversations often turned to nutrition and the delivery mechanisms of nutrients.

There are a few liquid supplements around but we started to look particularly at joints. The tablets all had big headlines and there are common nutrients in all. Some make ridiculous claims!!!

The liquids tended to have a few nutrients and of the ones we saw, they were high priced.

We started to wonder whether we could dissolve more nutrients, in particular type II collagen which is a key part of the cartilage covering the joints, in the liquid.

And so Cartonica was born. We originally came up with the name Genie Flx but dismissed this! A liquid (tonic) supplement supporting CARtilage – led to Cartonica. The first product orders were sent out in January 2019.

The product has been so well received. The taste has got better and we are very proud that Cartonica is now widely sold in clinics as well as specialist retailers.

Many people are busy and tired. We don’t want a huge variety of products, so after some deliberation we added a SUPER! multi-vitamin – Vitaliti.

Vitaliti blows the socks off all multi-vitamin tablets and means people don’t have to have an array of packets lying around the kitchen.

People love Vitaliti. We knew it was good when one cold morning, the bosses’s wife (a primary school teacher) ran panic struck from her car back to the house … “I haven’t had my Vitaliti!”.

That was when we knew Vitaliti was special. Mrs S was able to face the classroom thanks to Vitaliti!

Clinic Nutrition is expanding and transforming the way people take supplements as they experience the benefits of our liquid nutrition.

Some people have perfect diets and exercise religiously, most of us do not. We say eat healthy and stay active. That is the goal and we are here to help fill the gaps.

Thanks you 🙂

Clinic Nutrition