Keeping active in the Autumn – start with 10 and don’t listen to the gremlin in your brain!

13 November 2021

The moment the clocks change, the evenings come earlier and it feels like the mornings get colder. This can make the motivation to be active all the more difficult.

Some people like to exercise straight away when they get up, if that is you, great. If it isn’t, then don’t beat yourself up and don’t let that defeat your intent.

I recently bought a small pocket diary. It’s quite fancy as I got it from Moleskin, the people who make gorgeous notebooks. I use it to diarise when I am going to exercise and record when I have exercised, it is a way to hold myself accountable and make sure I do something.

What I notice is that so long as I have some activity in the day, it is good enough. I am not in Olympic training (nor was I ever!) and so t is ok not to have an entry every day.

But what strikes me always with activity is that starting is the hardest part. It won’t ever be easy, especially after long breaks from activity, so just decide and then start.

The trick with motivation is that you shouldn’t wait for it. Because motivation usually comes after we start, it’s motivation to continue.

There is so much content on youtube to suit everyone to get started, if you want something to move along to.

Either way, start moving. Once the body starts to limber up, your heart rate will increase. This pushes blood and with it oxygen around your body. You will feel better however little you do.

Swing your arms, swing your legs and from there you can do all sorts of movements.

When we say we don’t have time … IT IS AN EXCUSE the gremlin in your brain is telling you!

Think of people in the world doing multiple activities. That can be parents with small children, business owners, workers etc. They make time because they prioritise thir health.

Ten minutes.

The mantra of thirty minutes can put people off. Start with ten minutes three times a week. Go for a walk, stretch and move.

Above is just an example. It may not suit you but if you go on youtube, search “10 minute exercise for ….” Insert a descriptive of you. That can be “seniors”, “over 60s, over 80s or it can high intensity exercise for athletes! It’s a way to start.

DISCLAIMER – we have to say this, seek medical advice before exercising, in particular if you have a health condition.

Eat healthy and stay active is our mantra. Start small and build from there. Good luck.