What’s really in your multi-vitamin supplement?!

18 January 2022

Most of us take a multi-vitamin supplement to help keep our body healthy and to fend off coughs and colds by supporting our immune system.

If our diet lacks consistency in delivering the nutrients our body needs, then that’s where we make the most of supplements.

However, and this is we raise an eye brow!, most multi-vitamin tablets simply don’t have the right quantity of nutrients. You will look at an A-Z multi-vitamin tablet and see a list of nutrients. It looks great, but look closer.

The AMOUNT of nutrients is lacking. This is because it is simply not possible to compress large quantities of nutrients into a tablet.

That is where Vitaliti takes charge. As a liquid multi-vitamin supplement, Vitaliti has nutrients dissolved in a blend, making it possible to include more nutrients in greater quantities than ANY tablet multi-vitamin supplement.

Starting point 500mg Vitamin C, 150% of your Vitamin D needs, ALL 8 B vitamins (B Vitamin complex) and a lot more besides.

Our Vitaliti is vitality with an i.

But the spirit is the same and we believe that people should live the best version of themselves and not be short changed when they make their health choices.

As the saying goes, read the label.

Look at the Vitaliti label and see what you are giving your body. Then compare to ANY tablet.

Plus it tastes good and Vitaliti a pleasure to take.

Live life with Vitaliti!